Infographic : Carpet Cleaning Interesting Facts

carpetm 06 Feb 2014

We’ve assembled a tonne of interesting facts about carpet cleaning and created the following infographic. We hope it gives you some useful information about your carpets and the cleaning process.

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Tips for Cleaning Tiles and Grout

carpetm 29 Jan 2014

People are always looking at tips for cleaning tiles and grout because most people hate to clean the bathroom and let it get out of hand. This is perfectly normal, but still, when you get around to finally cleaning the shower and other tiled areas of the bathroom, it can be very difficult to get the tiles and especially the grout clean without using powerful chemicals. So here are some tips for cleaning tiles and grout that don’t involve bleach based chemicals.

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Should You Move Your Furniture Before a Carpet Clean?

carpetm 06 Jan 2014

The answer to the question, “Should You Move Your Furniture Before a Carpet Clean?” is an absolute yes. Not moving your furniture before a carpet clean would be like taking a shower in your underwear and then wondering if you really got clean and thoroughly dried off. Not the best picture to imagine, but hopefully you get the point.

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Leather Cleaning and Protection Advice

carpetm 28 Dec 2013

The best leather cleaning and protection advice is to clean leather and protect leather regularly. However, if you have purchased and old couch or simply haven’t taken care of the leather furniture you already have, there is no need to worry; leather is a really forgiving material once you have started taking care of it again.

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How to Tell if Your Carpet Needs Replacing

carpetm 09 Dec 2013

No homeowner wants to foot the bill for a major expense like carpet replacement, but sometimes there is no way around it. If you think you need to replace your carpet, chances are you probably do; but if you need more convincing, here are the sure signs that your carpet needs replacing:

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How to Get Your Couch Squeaky Clean

carpetm 30 Nov 2013

There are many ways to answer the question, “How to get your couch squeaky clean.” The easiest way to do it is to have professionals clean it, but it will cost you. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can, but it is a process.

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Cleaning Pet Urine Stains From Your Sofa

carpetm 10 Nov 2013

Cleaning pet urine stains from your sofa is something that everyone has to deal with, no matter how well you pet is trained. Animals get sick or scared, or maybe even a friend’s dog has had an accident or two on the sofa. Pet urine stains are also something that all of a sudden become more noticeable if company is coming and you are giving the house a thorough cleaning. If this is the case, then the stains have probably set in and will be more difficult to remove. Read on to see what tips the experts have for you with regards to cleaning pet urine stains from your sofa:

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Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

carpetm 29 Oct 2013

If you are low on funds, carpet cleaning on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to have carpets that still look dingy. On the contrary, the main investment in carpet cleaning is always going to be taking the time to get the stains out before they set in, as well as vacuuming once a week.

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Tips to Give your Carpet a Long Life

carpetm 05 Oct 2013

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we see a lot of stained, dirty and otherwise damaged carpets. While we love restoring carpets to their original beauty, there are many times when the damage could be prevented. That being said, here are some ways that you can give your carpet a longer life:

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Some Common Household Carpet Stains and How to Clean Them

carpetm 10 Sep 2013

While Carpet Cleaning Melbourne recommends that you get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, we do realize that you can’t call us every time you spill something. That being said, here are some tips for getting out common household stains:

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