Our Advice for Removing Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet

carpetm 22 Aug 2013

Our advice for removing red wine stains from your carpet here at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is as varied as the amount of red wines produced in Australia. There are so many people who have different ideas about how to get red wine stains out of carpets! Here are a few of the better ones:

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How to Stop Pets from Stinking up your Carpet

carpetm 19 Jul 2013

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne loves pets; we just don’t love what they do to your carpet. However, just because you have pets doesn’t mean that you have to have the smell associated with them in your carpet.  So let’s talk about how to get rid of the smell, but first let’s talk about where it comes from.

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How Often Should Carpet be Steam Cleaned?

carpetm 07 Jun 2013

This article may sound like an advertisement for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, but it isn’t. Almost all home experts recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year or every nine months.

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Can all Stains be Removed Using Professional Carpet Cleaning?

carpetm 16 May 2013

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we would like to think that all stains can be removed by using our professional carpet cleaning services. We can’t absolutely promise that, however, you will always get better results from a professional carpet cleaner than you will by doing it yourself.

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Be Skeptical of Cheap Carpet Cleaning Companies

carpetm 10 Apr 2013

There are many so many things that you can get cheaply, but carpet cleaning should never be one of them. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional and skilled team of carpet cleaners that follow the protocols set forth by the IICRC, an international non-profit organization that sets the standard for cleaning and restoration industries.  This standard is really what you should ask about when you hire a carpet cleaning company.

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Beware of these Common Carpet Cleaning Scams

carpetm 05 Mar 2013

You have probably seen carpet cleaning coupons online, in the newspaper or in the mail. The coupon will say something to the effect that you can get three rooms of carpet cleaned for $29.95. This sounds like a good deal right? There couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

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After Party Carpet Cleaning Advice

carpetm 10 Feb 2013

To help you with your after party cleanup, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has some cleaning advice for you to save your carpets when your guests have too good of a time. The first thing to do, however, is take some preventative measures before your guests arrive.

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A Few Easy Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

carpetm 16 Jan 2013

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we recommend getting your carpets cleaned once a year, but we do realize that there are times when this is simply not possible. This is why we have come up with some carpet cleaning tips that you can do yourself between professional carpet cleanings to keep your carpet looking great!

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We have launched our new website

carpetm 11 Dec 2012

We are so thrilled to launch our new website. It has taken a few months for us to get the design and content together but we are super happy with the results. Along with the launch of our site we are offering many specials and incentives to our customers. So, if you read this post in the month of December 2012 give us a call and mention it to find out about our superior service specials.

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