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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

We are a professional carpet cleaning service based in Melbourne that understands the difference little details can make. This is what makes us stand out in the cleaning industry. Hence, we can provide you with fully insured carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. So rather than getting tempted to do some spot cleaning for your carpets on your own, call us to book carpet cleaning services today.

Our carpet cleaning and stain removal methods are non-toxic and reliable. We only use the latest equipment to provide you with amazing results for your carpets. Once our steam carpet cleaning work is done, we deodorise and sanitise to make it cleaner, and fresher. Our work will meet your expectations; we have a lot of satisfied clients all over Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne services

If there is a lot of foot traffic on your carpets, we highly advise that you have them cleaned at least once a year to maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings. Our professional cleaners make use of hot water extraction to clean your carpet. We make use of a powerful carpet cleaning machine to heat the water on our truck mount. Then, our steam carpet cleaning specialists make use of the extraction machine to infuse hot water and cleaning solution into the carpet.

The carpet cleaning solution then works on the carpet fibres to remove the dirt. The high-pressure cleaning will also remove the pollutants and bacteria. After this process, the machine will extract the hot water and solution. Depending on the type of textile, it should not take more than 2-4 hours for your carpet to dry completely.

Benefits of hiring technicians for carpet cleaning Melbourne services

Fully trained and professional carpet cleaners

All our professional cleaning technicians are fully trained and IICRC certified. Our cleaning company is committed to providing you with the highest standards of carpet cleaning Melbourne services. All our carpet cleaning service providers are reliable and friendly; they know how to properly get rid of common allergens and dirt hiding and ensure to keep your carpet clean by the end of your lease cleaning service. Call us today to avail of our carpet cleaning same day services.

Pre-inspection of the carpets

Our carpet cleaning experts will perform a pre-inspection of the location and surrounding areas that need to be cleaned. This process also gives us an idea of what kind of carpet cleaning services would be appropriate, such as steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and other services to keep your carpets clean. This is also when we determine if carpet replacement is an option - depending on the condition of your existing carpet. You can contact us at any time and our service provider will arrive within an hour.

We remove dust mites and allergies from the carpets

With our Melbourne carpet cleaning service, your dirty carpets will be free from dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens. It should remain free of dust, dirt and grimes because they can cause allergies in your body. Bad and uncleaned carpets can cause more troubles for children and the elderly with health problems.

We remove stubborn stains

Heavy stains are difficult to remove. Additionally, if they remain for a long time, they can stay there permanently and can attract insects and pests. Our professional services for carpet drying and cleaning can help you in removing these stains for good. We use the best carpet cleaning solutions to remove the toughest stains and make sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Dry carpet to walk on

Your cleaned carpet will not take more than a few hours to get dried and it will look and smell better. We assure you that after your scheduled steam carpet cleaning services, you will love walking on your carpet again. So call us today to schedule a carpet dry cleaning appointment.

Green and eco-friendly

Melbourne carpet cleaning team uses steam cleaning or the hot-water extraction method to clean your carpets. This carpet steam cleaning process is eco-friendly and harmless that promises a healthier environment for you, your loved ones, or your colleagues. We use non-toxic cleaning products to steam clean your home and guarantee that it remains free of poisonous substances that can potentially harm children and pets during and after the carpet steam cleaning procedure.

Safe for pets and children

In our carpet steam cleaning process, all of our products are kid and pet friendly. We assure our residential customers that our professional cleaning services are much safer for households, especially if with children or pets around. All the carpet steam cleaning products that we use do not contain dangerous ingredients and we ensure not to spill chemical residue that can be ingested by kids or pets.

Antibacterial treatment (Extra cost)

We provide anti-bacterial treatment right after the steam cleaning procedure at an extra cost. We use an anti-microbial sanitiser and other cleaning products to ensure the area is disinfected. This process is all the more necessary if you have pets or children at home.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Hire our steam cleaning company for professional carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne. We deliver the highest standard of steam cleaning services to satisfy all our customers in Melbourne.

Carpet Repairs Melbourne
Carpet Repairs Melbourne

Our carpet repair experts provide carpet re-installation, re-stretching services throughout Melbourne. Call us today for more details.

Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration

With an award of Master Water Restorer, our technicians are highly proficient with any water damage situation to provide you with the best carpet dry cleaning or restoration services.

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Spending 1/3rd of your life on a mattress and you definitely want it to be cleaned thoroughly. Let us clean your mattress and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Rug Cleaning Melbourne
Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Making sure to keep your rug, mat, or carpet clean is one of our specialisations. We can clean your Persian rug at your home or at our facility. You will be amazed by our rug and mat cleaning procedure.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne
Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Grout gets extremely dirty making your tiles and the area look dull whether it is your bathroom, kitchen or any other surface. We guarantee to deep clean the areas and make sure they are spotless by the end of your appointment.

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning upholstered furniture is an art as they are made of different kinds of materials. Our upholstery cleaning services can steam clean any type of lounges or sofas including padded textile couches and leather furniture. Get in touch today.

Mould Removal Melbourne
Mould Removal Melbourne

If mould is ruining your premises and affecting the indoor air quality of your property, book an inspection with our operated business today and we can get your mould area treated fast and effectively. Call us today to have it professionally checked.

Timber Floor Drying
Timber Floor Drying

We are one of the most trusted timber floor dry cleaning experts in Melbourne. We provide you with the best prices and can reach you within 1 hour of your call.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Checklist:

This is the cleaning checklist that we follow while on the job:

Pre-inspection of the carpet

Once all your pieces of furniture are removed, we will start examining the condition of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning Melbourne experts will ask questions like how long have you had the carpet, its material, etc. so that we get a clearer idea of how to remove the dirt and stains and make use of the best carpet cleaning methods. We will also advise you of any possible permanent staining. After this, we will confirm the pricing of our services.

Choosing the most suitable carpet cleaning method

After we have determined the age and material of your carpet and all the stains that need to be removed, we will choose the appropriate carpet cleaning method. In most cases, high-pressure steam carpet cleaning is more than enough to have your carpet cleaned thoroughly.

Deep vacuuming of the carpet

The first step is to deep vacuum your carpet. This method will effectively remove dust and grimes. This means that any solid debris like sand, insects, etc. will be sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Pre-spray the carpet to lose up any dirt and soil

We will then spray specialised solutions to remove debris that could not be vacuumed out. With the help of this cleaning solution, any soil and dirt particles that are stuck on your carpet will loosen up and be removed which guarantees a deeper clean for your carpet. You need not worry about the chemicals since it does not contain toxic materials.

Pre-treatment of any stains and dirty patches on the carpet

Once we have recognised which patches and stains can be removed, we will start with the pre-treatment process. Depending on the type, we will start applying the necessary solutions so that they can be removed with ease. This pre-treatment will only be done if we see any stain that is not permanent.

Professionally steam cleaning the carpet (using the hot water extraction method)

We make use of regular steam cleaning services. We will first add hot water and a chemical solution into the machine. Next, the high-pressure nozzle will be used to spray the hot water solution which will remove all the dust and dirt from your carpet effectively.

Cleaned areas will be deodorised

If you are willing to spend a little more, we can also deodorise the steam cleaned carpet. In this steam cleaning process, we will clean up the remaining floor area of that room so that the carpet remains clean for a long period of time. Your room will not smell like chemicals since we will make use of room fresheners to deodorise the room.

The average carpet drying time is from 5-7 hours

On average, it should not take more than 5-7 hours to dry your carpet. We will keep watch on your carpet while it is drying and keep checking whether the stains are completely removed or not.

Stain removal service

Our carpet cleaning Melbourne experts are experienced in removing the following types of stains:

Urine stain removal

If you have pets, chances are that they will urinate on your carpet once in a while. Removing urine stains and unpleasant odours from your carpets is important since they can attract bacteria. You need to call professional carpet cleaners like us who has solutions for removing odour-causing bacteria. We will scrub and get the stain on your carpet removed. Call us immediately if you are in need of professional steam cleaning to remove the urine stains from your carpet.

Bloodstains removal

Removing blood stains does not have to be problematic. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts know how to remove blood stains from your carpets fast and easily. Bloodstain can permeate within the carpet fibre so you need to act fast and call a professional cleaner. Call us today and we guarantee to provide one of the best cleaning services to have your carpets restored to their original quality in no time.

Red wine stain removal

When your glass of red wine takes a tumble, it visibly stains your carpet. You need to blot the spilled wine as much as possible to stop it from spreading to other high traffic areas and absorb the excess wine from the carpet; if necessary, you can make use of absorbent clothes as well. Call us to have your carpets cleaned immediately.

Coffee and food stain removal

Coffee and food stains can leave the carpet looking very filthy if not removed - especially for heavy traffic commercial or industrial spaces. If you notice any food or coffee stains, you need to dry the spot with the help of a dry white towel. Try not to spread the stain by changing clothes. For a quicker fix, call our cleaning company to help you immediately. Our expertise in removing carpet stains will be handy when you hire us to remove them professionally.