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Our Cleaning Secret is Our Reliable Technicians

As one of the more established carpet cleaning services around, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne can offer you something that others can’t – qualified, trained and uniformed technicians that have been doing carpet cleaning in Melbourne for quite some time – and will also be with us in the future. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing that the technician you trust to clean your flooring and furniture has this kind of dependable background?

While Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has newer and more advanced cleaning equipment than many other cleaning companies in Melbourne, we really rely on our technicians to get your carpets, furniture and drapes the cleanest that they can be.

Attention to Detail

For example, our technicians will do a heavy-duty vacuuming and preconditioning of your carpets before they perform any extraction of the dirt, whether you opt for dry cleaning or steam cleaning. They finish with the grooming of your carpet and a drying process which will allow you to walk on your carpets almost immediately. We can also move furniture when necessary and perform multiple tasks like mattress cleaning and tile cleaning at the same time we do your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne performs cleaning in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Besides rug cleaning, our services include upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning, lounge cleaning, and tile cleaning. We also provide expert odour removal and specialise in the treatment of stains.

We are also available for regularly scheduled weekly and monthly services and have specialised bacteria treatments if you have allergies or asthma. Other specialty services like water damage and end-of-lease cleaning are also available.

Call today and find out more about how to get your carpets and furniture looking like they did when you first bought them and start enjoying a newer looking and thoroughly clean home!

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