After Party Carpet Cleaning Advice

To help you with your after party cleanup, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has some cleaning advice for you to save your carpets when your guests have too good of a time. The first thing to do, however, is take some preventative measures before your guests arrive.

  • Anticipate that your guests will spill something when they are at your home. Serve white wine instead of red and keep desserts like chocolate and blueberries off the menu. If you have an area rug that is particularly nice, roll it up and store it in a spare bedroom. Make sure that you have sturdy door mats for people to wipe their feet at every entrance.
  • Vacuum your carpets several times before your guests arrive and do it with an empty bag so that you have the greatest suction on your vacuum. Carpets get worse looking when dirt gets ground in from heavy foot traffic.
  •  Have plenty of paper towels on hand that are specifically designated to blot up spills during the party. Many times, blotting up spills immediately and dabbing them with club soda will get the spill out if it is caught right away.
  • Sometime after your guests leave, vacuum again, making sure that you use another fresh bag. This will get unseen dirt and prevent it from getting ground in, making your carpets look dirty.
  • After the party will be when you find the stains that guests were neglectful to tell you about. Vacuuming your carpet after the party will help you find the stains and get to them before they set in to the point where they can’t be removed.
  • If the stain is wet, first dab at it with a dry paper towel or cloth rag. This will get as much of the offending liquid out of the carpet as possible. Don’t immediately put cleaning solvent on the staining liquid as this will just make it spread and go deeper into the carpet.

Once you have as much of the liquid up as possible, try some of our stain removal tips in the article, “Some Common Household Carpet Stains and How to Clean Them.”  This is an article from us here at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne which will help you get out many common carpet stains in between professional cleanings.

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