Do Stain Resistant Carpets Really Work?

Most carpets these days are stain resistant, and you can even get additional treatments for them if you have pets and children. However, it is important to get a carpet treated right after it is installed if you want the extra stain guard treatment to work. Also, keep in mind that no carpets are stain proof, so don’t think that just because you get a carpet that is stain resistant that it will repel all stains because it won’t. This is especially true if you don’t vacuum your carpet every week – because dirt and oil in the carpet are what really locks in a stain to the fibers.

Nylon Carpeting Is The Most Stain Resistant Kind Of Carpeting

There are many fibers that are used in carpet making, namely wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene – however, the most common fiber used for carpets is nylon. When making a nylon carpet, the fibers are usually spun with a coating of the stain resistant chemical and then woven into the carpet. This is the most effective way to make a stain resistant carpet. As well, some carpets get a stain resistant coating after they are woven. Even without the coating, however, nylon carpeting is still stain resistant – although it would be wise to only buy carpeting that is labeled specifically as stain resistant. If you buy a carpet made of wool or silk, then it definitely needs to be treated, either by the manufacturer or a home carpet cleaning service.

Spills Should Be Mopped Up Immediately

It may seem obvious that a spill should be cleaned up immediately, but if you want your stain resistant carpet to stay new-looking, you need to take the time to clean the spill up thoroughly. By thoroughly, we mean working on the spill until it is entirely gone. This can take a lot of blotting, followed up by using whatever product the manufacturer recommends to clean the carpet. It is also important to vacuum the spot after it dries in order to refresh the pile and to get any remaining dirt that may be trapping the stain in the carpet. Be careful not to use any cleaning products with bleach or other chemicals that will remove the protective stain resistant coating along with the stain itself.

Stain Resistant Does Not Mean Worry-Free

While stain resistant carpets will last longer and look newer than carpets that aren’t treated, they still will get stained and old looking if not properly cared for. This means vacuuming twice a week and getting them professionally cleaned at least every six months. You may also want to put a mat down in high traffic areas to protect your carpet from outside dirt that is dragged in on the bottom of shoes, or have everyone remove their shoes when they come into the house. With proper care, stain resistant carpets can last up to ten years before they have to be replaced.

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