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Rugs are beautiful and they make the most attractive part of our homes more beautiful. There is nothing quite like the feel and look of a fine shag or handwoven Persian rug. It is very important to keep its natural colours and lustre vibrant and fresh all the time. However, it could be quite challenging to keep your rugs clean. We possess the experience and knowledge to wash rugs.

We offer rug cleaning services for all kinds of rugs, whether it is Oriental, Persian, shag, or machine-made. And also, for all fibre types, such as wool, silk, or synthetic. Our certified cleaners use the latest cleaning tools, including deodorisation to provide you with the desired results. We understand the fact that your valuable delicate rugs need special attention and proper care. So, call our experts today and get your rug cleaned professionally and quickly.

Why is rug cleaning necessary?

Just think about all the stuff that hides deep down in your carpet’s fibre: dirt, bacteria, dust, human and pet hair, grime, allergens, and anything else that makes its way to your home. Well, it is very important to go for rug cleaning. First, carpets are expensive and thus, you should spend some money on a rug cleaning service than replacing the whole area.

Rug cleaning can prevent the rugs from harming your health. Rugs are a perfect breeding home for bacteria and allergens. They can expose your family or you to some dangerous pollutants, especially if you have pets. Another significant reason to clean rugs is to enhance their smell. If you have younger children or pets who often urine or vomit, it may leave an unfortunate odour. So, rug cleaning is essential to have a fresh smelling rug.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Rugs in Melbourne

One major benefit of a professional rug cleaning service is that it assists in extending the rug’s life. With time, dust, dirt, allergens, and debris get accumulated within the fibres that cause it to deteriorate and split. Removing this build-up will enhance the longevity of your rug. Also, some allergens and dust make their way into the air, which could cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other health issues. So, cleaning the carpet contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Another great benefit provided by professional cleanings is the removal of tough stains. With the hot water extraction method, our experts remove stains from dirt, mud, pets, red wine, and coffee spills. The best thing about professional rug cleaning is that it enhances the overall appearance of your room. As the carpet takes a larger area, your room can look outdated and dirty if the carpet’s condition is bad. So, a professional rug cleaning can keep the fibres look new but also, enhance the overall aesthetics of your room.

Rug Cleaning Process

Here’s how we carry out the rug cleaning process:

  • At first, we pre-inspect the rug for stains, odours, fading, colour instability, and other pre-existing damages so that we can tell you what exactly you should expect from your clean. This is also important because there are different kinds of carpets, which are often made of silk, wood, etc. This could lead to colour-run problems. That’s why we thoroughly test them.
  • After that, we run the rug under our industrial vibrating machine for removing deep-set soil particles from the rug fibres. Then, we treat stains and spots wherever necessary.
  • Next, we apply high-quality cleaning solutions.
  • Your rug is run through either our low-moisture cleaning procedure or a submersion wash. The low-moisture cleaning process is great for delicate fibres.
  • The cleansing agents’ rotary scrubbing ensures soil separation from fibres for a superior clean.
    Next, your rug goes through a gentle cold-water rinse. Then, it is run through the wringer for removing excess water.
  • Now, we place the rug in a temperature-controlled, regulated drying room.
  • Finally, we inspect the fringes of your rug and if any spot or stain treatment required. Next, we vacuum and groom your rug for delivery.

So, leave your rug cleaning only to the experts! We determine the perfect cleaning process for your beautiful rug based on its unique characteristics like its type, origin, dyes, and material. Our professionals know everything about rugs and how to clean and restore all types of rugs back to their original state.

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