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Leather furniture is an expensive investment and so leather cleaning is not something you attempt yourself. This is especially true when there is professional leather cleaning available from Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.  Many people try to clean leather furniture themselves and wind up making it look dull and dingy in their attempts to use expensive store bought cleaners that don’t work. Expensive leather cleaners for home use are usually just a way for companies to make money off of diehard do-it-your-selfers.

How Did My Leather Furniture Get Dirty?

Most people think that when they buy leather furniture that it is an impenetrable surface. Everyone knows that cloth upholstery can get dirty and stained so you need upholstery cleaning, but they don’t know that leather can get just as dirty and wiping it off with leather cleaner isn’t enough to make it look new again. This is why we offer professional leather cleaning in Melbourne.

Leather furniture gets dirty first of all from human oils an pet dander. This means that every time you and your pet are sitting on your leather lounges or chairs you are transferring oil that damages the protective finishing on the leather.  Inks from the newspaper and dye from jeans can also transfer onto a leather couch as well as other dirt, oils in the air from cooking, and cigarette smoke. You may not realize it every day, but over time these elements will make your leather furniture look dirty as they attach to the finish of it.

Just like you clean your leather boots, leather furniture should be cleaned often as well, especially if you use it every day and have paid a lot of money for it. Professional leather cleaning  will keep your investment looking like new and let you enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Our expert technicians who specialize in leather cleaning can also remove scuffs and repair scratches. The first step is to apply leather cleaner while gently agitating the leather to loosen up the dirt and oils that have been embedded into the leather. A conditioner can then be applied to the leather which will make the leather soft again and return the lustre to the leather it had when it was new.   If needed, we can reseal the leather to keep it protected and prevent it from cracking because it becomes brittle.

If you have tried to clean your leather furniture yourself and can’t get out the stains and the scuffs, give us a call. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we can restore your leather furniture to its original glory with our leather cleaning service. We can even get out pet odours like urine as well as the discoloration on the arm rests or cushions of your leather furniture. Give us a call for a free quote and for information about how our leather cleaning in Melbourne works!

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