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Can You Get My Lounge Clean?

Lounge cleaning in Melbourne is always on people’s minds when it comes to cleaning their homes because the lounge is the most used piece of furniture in the house.  That being said, the lounge is the first place that everyone goes to when they get home and depending on the weather, it could mean tracking in anything from dirt to mud. However, there is nothing like a professional clean from Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to get rid of all the grime from the outside.

Lounge cleaning is convenient because we come right to your home and our technicians are always in uniform, on their best behaviour, and experts at what they do. They also follow protocols set forth by the IICRC, which means that your lounge will be cleaned according to the highest standards.

Lounge cleaning is similar to a carpet cleaning except that the tools are much smaller. Although with lounge cleaning, the first thing that a Carpet Cleaning Melbourne technician will do is test for is colour fastness. We won’t clean your lounge if it means that it will ruin the colour of the fabric. However, we have cleaning solutions that are safe on most modern fabrics including canvas, corduroy, cotton, wool, tapestry, nylon, velvet, denim, linen, and microfibers. We also do leather cleaning for lounges that are covered in leather.

After the colour test, lounge cleaning begins with a thorough vacuum, but this isn’t just any vacuuming. All of our vacuuming is done with commercial grade vacuum cleaners that take away more than the eye can see to get your lounge thoroughly free of debris and surface dust and ready to be cleaned.

A dry cleaning solvent is then applied to loosen up the dirt and oils and then our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne technician will work on the stains with a cleaning agent that is safe for your lounge’s fabric. A water extraction will be performed with hot water and detergent being sprayed on the fabric while simultaneously being sucked back up into the application wand during the process. The dirty water and soap are transferred back to the truck mount and away from your home. Having a truck mount is the only real way to get the dirt out of your house if you are getting a lounge clean.

The couch will be nearly dry after the cleaning, but will not be good to sit on it for a few hours. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we suggest leaving lounges sit undisturbed overnight before using them. We can also apply a protective spray to the lounge if you would like.

If you have questions about lounge cleaning in Melbourne or if you would like to know if we can clean the fabric or leather on your couch, feel free to contact one of our cleaning specialists today for a free quote or information that you need to make your decision.

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