Tile Cleaning

Professional Tile Cleaning Makes Surfaces Look Like New

Professional tile cleaning in Melbourne is necessary because the grout gets extremely dirty, which makes the whole floor or bathroom look old. Over time, you actually forget what your floor used to look like until you see it after a professional tile cleaning. What a difference!

The main problem in Melbourne is the moisture in the air, which make tile and grout that is constantly wet or damp to mildew. This is the discoloration that you are seeing with a dingy floor or bathroom surface.  You may have tried store bought cleaners that have strong and toxic odours only to find that they don’t work, even with hard scrubbing. There doesn’t seem to be any answer to get the mildew stains and other surface stains out, but there is.

We Provide Professional Tile Cleaning

Professional tile cleaning is only a phone call away. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we can clean your tiles and grout and restore them to the way they looked when they were first installed. You may have tried the tile cleaning yourself, but you didn’t have the cleaning solutions that we use every day to make tiles shine and grout look clean and germ-free again.  We can clean all kinds of surfaces, including ceramic, porcelain, slate, and sandstone to make these surfaces lustrous looking once more.

The secret is in the machines that we use. The tile cleaning machines apply the solution with a high pressure and then vacuum away the dirty water and soap so that it never touches the floor again. The cleaning agents that we use are strong enough to power away dirt and kill bacteria, but they won’t overpower your home and they are also safe to use around children and pets.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne technicians can also reseal natural tiles like slate and sandstone after tile cleaning. This means that you can enjoy the new look of your tile for much longer with regular cleanings.

Our Tile Cleaning Services Won’t Hurt Your Tile

Even though our machines and cleaning agents are powerful, they won’t hurt your tile or grout. You won’t see etches or other marks in your tile when we are finished and if we apply sealant, it will be done evenly.

Don’t put off your professional tile cleaning any longer. When people come to your home, they may not say anything, but when they look at your dingy bathroom, they may think you don’t clean it. This is because everybody thinks that if you clean the bathroom once a week there won’t be any mildew or staining. However, this is not the case with older tile, especially in the climate of Melbourne. Stop the unspoken comments about your tile and schedule a professional tile cleaning in Melbourne today!

Commercial Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet cleaning Melbourne also provides tile cleaning services for commercial properties like hotels, spas, restaurants, real estate companies, and stores. We offer weekly and monthly services and deep cleaning and clean-up services as well. Call us today for a free quote on commercial tile cleaning!

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