Should You Move Your Furniture Before a Carpet Clean?

The answer to the question, “Should You Move Your Furniture Before a Carpet Clean?” is an absolute yes. Not moving your furniture before a carpet clean would be like taking a shower in your underwear and then wondering if you really got clean and thoroughly dried off. Not the best picture to imagine, but hopefully you get the point.

You see, most people think their carpet is cleaner than it actually is and that cleaning a carpet means getting rid of the existing stains and refreshing the carpet so that the pile looks new again. This however, should not be the case. Much like you thoroughly wash your clothes in detergent and then thoroughly dry them after they are washed is how you should treat the cleaning of your carpet.

In order to do this, you have to move the furniture in order to get the carpet really clean. This is because even though under the furniture looks clean, it isn’t. In fact, under the furniture is where you will find all of the undisturbed dust mites, germs and all of the other microscopic creatures that you can’t see. If you have allergies or small children and you don’t clean the carpet that is under the couches and entertainment centers, then you have given a permanent home to all of the things that might make you or your family sick.

Think about it this way. If you have a pair of pants that you spill ketchup on, you will put them in the wash because they are obviously dirty. However, if there is no obvious dirt on your pants and you didn’t have time to do the laundry, then you may wear the pants a second time – but probably not a third. This is because the pants have become grungy with human oil and dirt from the outside world.

Of course, even after the third wearing of the pants, you wouldn’t just take some stain remover and water to get the obvious dirt off and then wear the pants a fourth time and then a fifth unless you absolutely had to.

Unfortunately this is the way that we clean our carpets. We wait until the carpets are hopelessly soiled and stained before we clean them, and then don’t even bother to move the furniture. Instead, we just get the obvious stains out and refresh the pile.

Absolutely, if you get your carpets professionally cleaned, don’t even think about the question, “Should You Move Your Furniture Before a Carpet Clean?” You should treat your carpet like an article of clothing and wash and dry the whole carpet thoroughly.

Before you have professional cleaners come, you should even move all of the furniture and vacuum the carpet several times yourself to get out as much preliminary dirt as possible. If you need help moving your furniture, get it.

Once the cleaners have left, it is important to get the carpets dried as quickly as possible without the furniture on it. This make take up to twenty four hours – and moving furniture back onto the carpet when it is wet can damage the furniture as well at the carpet. Once the carpet is thoroughly dry, you can move the furniture back in, knowing that you have an absolutely clean carpet and clean home.

We offer to move furniture or you will be able to move it yourself. Why not give us a call and we can easily discuss the pricing options with you.

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