The Tried And True Method For Removing Pet Urine Stains And Odours From Your Carpet

Whether it is an old stain or a new one – pet urine stains and odours can be successfully removed from your carpet without using harsh chemicals or strong cleaners that may damage the fibers. That being said, here are the steps for removing both old and new pet urine stains and odours from any type of carpeting:

Step 1. If the urine is a new accident that you have witnessed, this makes it easier for you to get started. If the stains are old or already set, you will have to start by using a black light to find the urine stains. If you don’t have one, there are black lights available at pet stores, but it is cheaper just to buy one from the hardware store. You will have to wait until it is dark, but scan the black light over the carpet with the lights off and mark the urine stains with tape as you find them.

Step 2. Take paper towels or cloth towels and run cool water over them until they are thoroughly wet. Place the towels on the stain so that they cover it and then place a heavy object wrapped in plastic on top of the towels. Let this set for ten minutes or so. If the stain is new, the towels will soak up a lot of the urine. If the stain is old, the wet towels will reconstitute the urine so that is can be cleaned out of the carpet.

Step 3. Remove the towels and pour a small amount of fresh cold water around the perimeter of the stain and then in the center. This will help your cleaning agent work more thoroughly through the whole stain and help with getting it out completely. It is important to start pouring water around the perimeter so that you don’t spread the urine stain more.

Step 4. Spray the area with an enzymatic spray and leave it on for several hours. Make sure that the instructions allow you to do that, and be extra careful with wool carpets. An enzymatic spray is simply a non-toxic, biodegradable spray that won’t hurt your carpets or poison your pets if they try to get at the stain while you are gone. Many enzymatic sprays are sold specifically for pet odours and urine and are available in grocery and hardware stores – or you can even make your own.

However, the mistake that many people make is thinking that by just spraying the cleaner on the urine stain that it will get out the odour and stain, but this is not the case. This is because your carpet will have soaked in the urine, which is what is causing the problem. Following steps 1, 2, & 3 are essential for getting the pet stain and odour out for good.

Step 5. Repeat step 2 and let the towels set on the stain overnight. This will soak up the cleaner and what is left of the stain. Remove the towels in the morning and the stain should be gone. If it is still visible, you may need to steam clean that area, but the good news is that it will work much better than if you had not pretreated the pet urine stain on your carpet.

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