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Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Clean tiles and grout lines can make a significant difference to your floors. Not only is it healthier, being free of bacteria and other parasites, it can also rejuvenate the overall look for your tiles. If you make use of too much grout and tile cleaning products and water, your tile and grout will only get dirtier quicker. Without expert equipment and help, it can sometimes lead to the grout and tile to absorb more dirt. Additionally, if the grout, which sits lower than your tiles, can cause mould to grow if it stays moist for a long time.

Without professional and technical help, we will be able to target and remove grime from your tiles and grout; we make use of specialised techniques and products to give the tiles an amazing shine. Contact us today and get your tiles and grout cleaned faster and more professionally.

Why is tile and grout cleaning necessary in Melbourne?

Even if you install the top-quality tile, these materials are also subjected to daily wear-and-tear that happens in a regular household. The build-up of dirt and grime on porous surfaces of the grout, stone, and tile can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, this build-up will make the tile and grout look damaged and old.

While mopping can help you clear up excessive build-up, you would need occasional deep cleaning. One option is to apply elbow grease and scrub the grout and the tiles. However, this is quite a back-breaking task and will consume a lot of time; additionally, the outcome will be mediocre.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Here is our typical tile and grout cleaning process:

  • We first wipe the grout and tile with hot water to remove surface grime and dirt.
  • Once the surface dirt and grime are removed, we make use of a specialised cleaning solution and spray it on the tile and grout. The solution is then made to stand for some time and then scrubbed off with a brush.
  • Once done, our professionals will spray water on the tile and grout with the help of a high-pressure washing tool once again for proper rinsing. After the rinsing process, we apply sealant on the grout and tile to ensure that they are protected from future allergens and bacteria.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Tiles and grouts

Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for tile and grout cleaning:

DIY cleaning methods will not remove deep dirt

No matter how much time you spend scrubbing, it is almost impossible to remove the dirt that has seeped deep into your tile and grout, which makes it appear discoloured. On the other hand, professionals make use of the most effective cleaning methods and equipment that are powerful enough to break through tough stains and remove sticky residue.

Application of a sealant to block germs, stains, and dirt

Grout is porous; this means that it is vulnerable to liquid stains and dirt. Even if it has a protective sealant, it will only wear out with time and will need to be replaced periodically. Professional tile and grout cleaners will reseal your grout, separating it from future allergens, bacteria, and stains.

A professional cleaning will make your home safer and healthier

When allergens and bacteria accumulate deep into the grout and on a tile surface, they can put your family members and pets at risk of diseases and illnesses. Professional tile and grout cleaners will renew your floors and remove 99% of the bacteria and allergens from the grout and tiles.

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