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Timber Floor Drying Melbourne

Timber floors are awesome for most rooms. These floors insulate heat pretty well and look just amazing. However, they also come with some downsides. As everyone knows, water is one of the enemies of all wooden surfaces. People do not consider water contamination while making changes to their homes but, it is the common cause of damage.

If water gets in contact with your timber floor, it could get destroyed quickly. So, what should people do? Well, there are various methods to dry the timber flooring. You have to be careful so that there is no water underneath it. Also, do not over-dry the floor or damage it meanwhile. We recommend that let experts like us handle the situation with the proper equipment and care.

Hardwood floor drying service in Melbourne

Why do you need a hardwood floor drying service? When your timber floor absorbs moisture, it swells that exerts pressure over the affected floor between every plank. At the same time, the floor will push up at the joints.

For resolving the issue, you need to get the moisture removed from the plants enabling them to settle back to their original position. Our team of professionals can help you achieve this.

Timber Floor Drying Process

In the first place, we ensure if the floor is recoverable or not. This is because, in many situations, it is not possible to mend the floor. Many engineered wood and laminate floors could not be repaired as they have a plastic sheeting or a cushion beneath them, which latch in the water. However, there are many exceptions and it could be done. However, only a professional company like ours with some experience needs to approach this.

Usually, the kinds of floors that could be restored from water contamination are solid wood floors that is nailed to plywood subfloors. When dealing with cupped floors, our experts employ a suction mechanism on the floor panels for sucking out the moisture from the floor and dry the same. Once the drying procedure is complete, the timber could be sanded to add a satisfactory finish.

The drying process that our professional team follows is as:

  • Firstly, our technician supervises if your timber flooring is recoverable
  • Based on the damage, we will carry out an antimicrobial solution
  • Next, the expert will extract excess water using a portable extractor or truck mount. We perform this through the installation of panels on your timber floor to take out the moisture.
  • We may employ heat drying or injection drying for installing drying tools to drywalls.
  • Our professional team uses a vacuum mechanism like the Injectidry for drawing out moisture in your floor or from underneath. This is done using the same floor panels.
  • We cover the area using plastic and then, ventilate hot air from a dehumidifier beneath the tenting.
  • Our expert monitors the environment each day by carrying out moisture stages at particular test points for ensuring that we achieve the drying goals.
  • After the place is completely dry, your floor will be sanded or re-sealed.

Why choose our hardwood floor drying service in Melbourne?

Our hardwood floor drying service in Melbourne can dry any hardwood timber floor for your office or home. Often, timber floors are hit by unforeseen water damage because of heavy rains, machine leakage, flash flooding, or sewage issues.

If you do not treat your damaged floor, an untreated hardwood floor could cause irreversible damage like stains and moulds and health issues too.

Our experts take care of the water-damaged timber floors and restore them to their original state. Our hardwood floor drying service is available 24/7 to Melbourne residents.

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