Tips For Tackling Pet Fur When Cleaning Your Home

Vicky Chokshi 03 Oct 2017

If you’re the proud owner of a fluffy cat or dog, you’ll know the challenge of dealing with fur around the house and all over your clothes!

The changeover of the seasons can trigger more intense shedding in pets, with some breeds losing more fur than others. Combine this with low humidity in certain parts of Australia and you can be facing a really dusty, fluffy situation.

This week, we chat with Jess from Pawshake about some simple hacks to stay on top of the fluff between big cleans.

1. The secret to these cleaning methods is regularity: a little every day is a much healthier, more effective approach to fluff management than letting it build up. Otherwise you will be facing a backbreaking mega-clean once a month and dealing with fur all over your dark clothes and soft furniture in the meantime!

2. As always, be sure to check the safety of any products you use around your pet. Certain cleaning products (for example, bleach and fabric softener) are toxic to both cats and dogs and should be kept clear of your fur kid.

3. Place extra rugs and throws on floors and furniture – this will protect the majority of your home from fluff and you can easily throw these items in the wash later.

4. Fluff on flat surfaces – a simple damp cloth with some diluted detergent is a great tool to swiftly grab up that loose fluff. The dampness of the cloth breaks the static and will prevent further fluffiness from building up.

5. Fluff caught in soft furniture – couch and car seats truly packed with fluff? Pop some latex gloves on, dampen them slightly under a tap and rub them over the surface. A damp cloth or sponge will work too if you don’t have a glove handy.

6. Floors – for the hard variety, there are some great dry mops on the market: but if you’re feeling a bit energetic (or the kids are bored!) you can pop on some thick sports socks and scoot around the house for a few minutes. You’ll be amazing at the amount of fluff your socks will catch without stirring up the fur into the air!

7. Vacuuming – a solid vacuum cleaning will do wonders around your home, whether you vacuum carpet, hard floors or even your furniture. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag regularly as this will keep it working effectively, and replace your filter regularly. It’s not a bad idea to give your vacuum a good wipe down from time to time (especially the head, which can get embedded with dust and fur).

8. When choosing furniture or décor for your home, best to go for hard surfaces (such as leather, wood or vinyl) if you have the choice, as these are much easier to wipe clean. And it goes without saying to avoid an all-white colour scheme! Choose neutral, natural tones that won’t easily show up marks or fur.

9. Clothes – Furry clothes are often the giveaway uniform of a pet owner! Beat the stray fluff by leaving a simple lint roller by the front to use before heading out. Alternatively, rubbing double-sided sticky tape is a cheaper method of picking out that stubborn fur. Before washing clothes, pop them in the dryer with some dryer balls to loosen up any fur that might be caught, which you can later discard with the laundry lint.

10. Grooming – staying on top of your pet’s regular grooming, bathing and fur-brushing will keep the worst of the fluff at bay, especially for long-haired cats and dogs. Their coats can build up with dead fur, which will make a mountain of vacuuming for you at a later date – especially at the change of the seasons.

11. Choosing your pet – if you’re still yet to find your purrfect cat or dog, consider a breed that has minimal shedding. It’s worth researching as this often isn’t a case of long fur versus short fur – breeds in both categories can shed a lot!

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