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We all know the significance of cleaning our houses. It reduces fatigue and stress levels, removes pollutants and allergens, and makes the overall quality of life better. When it comes to mattress cleaning, the same thing applies there.

If you have not had your mattress cleaned for a long time, it is likely that your mattress is one of the filthiest things inside your house. Maybe, it is time to appoint a professional mattress cleaning service today.

It is frightening to know that you may be sharing your bedsheets with thousands and thousands of dust mites. Therefore, you should get your mattress cleaned every six months. Or else, your mattress will be home to nasties, such as fungi, dust mites, and bacteria.

So, go for mattress cleaning in order to not just prolong the lifespan of your mattress but also to improve the quality of air inside your house and sleep better.

Why is mattress cleaning necessary?

People may not recognize it but their mattresses are covered with all kinds of filth when reviewed at a microscopic level. Most people do not know this but human beings shed sweat and skin in very small amounts throughout their sleep.

This builds up to create a perfect breeding atmosphere for bacteria, dust mites, and fungi. Dust mites, germs, and mold feed on dead skin shed by us during our sleep. These mites excrete up to twice the weight of their bodies every day. The excrement contains toxins that could be harmful to our health.

So, if you do not get your mattresses cleaned, it could result in creating health problems for your family and you. This could cause allergic reactions and itching, which in turn, can disturb your sleeping pattern. Having your mattress cleaned from professionals like us is an ideal way to enhance your sleeping quality.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Mattresses

We have years of experience in offering high-standard and effective home cleaning solutions, including mattress cleaning. There are so many benefits of cleaning your mattress with our mattress cleaning service. Have a look at some of our mattress cleaning benefits below:

  • Highly trained professionals and innovative cleaning products make sure that you receive only the best mattress cleaning results.
  • Your mattresses will look like new while keeping away dust mites for 6 months.
  • Our technicians infuse your mattresses with natural lavender oils, which are known for relaxing and improving sleep.
  • One can prolong the mattress’s life by having it cleaned by our expert Melbourne team.
  • People can rest assured that their cleaner, the fresher mattress will help to keep them and their families healthy.

Mattress Cleaning Process

We take proper care of your individual needs and requirements, especially when we talk about the use of expert non-toxic cleaning products. Upon arrival at the property, our cleaning technician will set up their equipment and ask about your particular requests. The process of mattress cleaning followed by our technician is as follows:

  • Firstly, your mattress will be cleaned using a powerful vacuum cleaner. This will remove dead skin flakes, pet hair, dust, and minuscule pests like dust mites.
  • Our cleaning specialist will supervise your mattress for marks and stains and apply a special detergent for helping dissolve those spots.
  • After that, the expert will clean the mattress using a hot water extraction cleaning tool. This will extract all the dirt and moisture while leaving the mattress nearly dry.
  • Lastly, our cleaning expert will instruct about the drying time and give you further cleaning maintenance advice.

Why choose our professional mattress cleaning service?

Cleaning a mattress could be a tedious task. To remove dust mites, foul odours, and bacteria effectively, it is best to acquire the services of a professional mattress cleaner. Our experienced and trained professionals employ a range of tools to deep clean, sanitise, and deodorise your mattress. Plus, our team of professionals uses different techniques like vacuuming, deodorising, stain removal, and dry cleaning to making your mattresses look like new.

So, if you want to give the mattress a deep clean it requires, go for our professional mattress cleaning service. You will be able to spot the difference. So, get your mattresses cleaned professionally from us to prevent bacterial growth and severe odours that accumulate from time to time.

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