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Water Damage Carpet Drying Melbourne

We provide water damage carpet cleaning and flood damage carpet drying services in Melbourne. Our wet carpet cleaners are proficient to bring your carpet to its former glory. Flooded carpet damage is a major problem where it leaves everything in a devastating stage. While most wet items can be salvaged, your carpet may not be one of them, if you simply leave it unattended.

Flood Damage Carpet Drying and Cleaning Process

Here is how we tackle the wet carpet drying and cleaning process:

Pre-assessing and inspecting the damage and structure of the flooded carpet

Our certified technician will first check the extent of the water damage with the help of specialised equipment. Additionally, we will also check the source of water and its category (whether the water is clean water, grey water or black water). Once the source and type of water and source have been detected, the carpet drying technician will determine which equipment would be needed for the job. The carpet, underlay and subfloor are then tested to further determine the extent of the damage using thermal monitors and water sensing equipment.

Scope of work to dry and clean your carpet is determined

Once the source of water and its class has been analysed, the technician will then inform you about the appropriate process for water damage restoration and other information such as sanitisation and deodorisation. You will also get to know the estimated time it will take to dry the area and the cost. The carpet damage restorer will also let you know which items can be restored or whether the carpet is salvageable.

Water extraction process

Once you agree on the costs and terms, the wet carpet damage professional will start by extracting the excess water. This is an important step because the carpet drying time will depend on water extraction. We will make use of high-pressure water extraction equipment to suck out the excess water.

Treatment for microbial and mould control

A wet carpet is a breeding ground for microbes and mould. Hence, the affected area is first treated with an antimicrobial solution to eliminate its build-up. This solution is non-toxic and will reduce the spreading of mould, bacteria and fungi. If necessary, even the subfloor would be subjected to this treatment. Antimicrobial treatment is done at the start and end of the flooded carpet drying process.

Drying and restoration of your flooded carpet

The technician will make use of industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to hasten the carpet drying process. The equipment used will blow air directly over the carpet or dehumidify the surrounding air for faster evaporation of moisture. If necessary, the damaged underlays will be removed and replaced as well.

Sanitising the flooded carpet with a steam

After your carpet has been dried, we relay it back to its previous position. Then, eco-friendly chemicals, apart from the antimicrobial treatment, are used to steam clean the carpet. This process provides a deeper cleaning to the carpet and kills off the remaining microorganisms. Depending on the house setting, the carpet restorer will either make use of portable equipment or a truck-mounted one to remove the stains caused by the flooding and other visible marks on the fibre.


The carpet needs to be monitored after the entire procedure. The monitoring will help you determine the condition of your carpet and the steps would be helpful for drying the carpet faster. The air mover and dehumidifier will keep operating and the technicians will return at regular intervals to check on the drying progress.

Final report

After the flood damage restoration, the technician will hand over the final report of the work done for an insurance claim.

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